QLC has employed 13 persons responsible for process design, mold design and NC programming including 6 persons with over 8 years experience in mode development and design.                      

Master mode American design software       

Master leading mode manufacture technology of ISUZU light and heavy commercial vehicles and passenger vehicle. Design molds of all castings and cast aluminum blanks

2D Design

3D Design NC Programming
                                 3D Solid Mold

NC mold machining with high-efficient and high-precision Multi-Axis machining center, non-polishing efficiency to assure precision of mold machining

V700 Vertical Machining Center SP-3016 Double Columns Machining Center

German ZX2103/CNC NC deep hole drilling machine

German DMG200T high speed machining center  External mold products
High-Precision CMM

Mold Inspection

Measure geometric precision of mold with high precision CMM and TUTOR special measuring software from Italy.

Validate size precision of mold with complete casting evaluation system according to ISZ evaluation method through product lineation and dissection checkup.

Evaluation on lineation of mold experimental mold
Mold market

Mold products are mainly provided for blank enterprises inside the Group and take business outside the group.Design capability of over 10 sets of complicated molds including cylinder block and cylinder head.Manufacture period of each set of complicated molds including cylinder block and cylinder head is about 3 months.