Test method

The spectrometer and carbon-content analyzer are used for prompt analysis of molten iron during manufacturing so as to ensure the quality.

German Direct-Reading Spectrometer

Prompt and accurate analysis of the ingredients such as chrome, silicon, sulfur and manganese of molten iron and 15 minutes for each inspection.

Carbon Content Analyzer

Prompt and accurate inspection of molten iron C, Si content

Japanese Ultrasonic Tester, Stress Detector, domestic Magnetic Particle Detector, VMS Metallographic Analysis System and other inspection instruments will be used to inspect the quality characteristics of casting parts such as mechanical performance, metallographic structure, inner defect and ensure the quality of products.

Japanese ND-3 Ultrasonic Tester

To inspect the spheroidization rate of ductile iron castings, the vermicular rate of vermicular castings and the inner defects of castings.

VMS Metallographic Analysis System

Prompt, accurate and quantitative analyze and determine the grade and shape of all kinds of casting iron graphite, body structure and computer records management for large capability volume.

Magnetic Particle Detector

To inspect the defects of casting parts such as holes and cracks and prevent substandard products for the customers as possible. Inspection of all special positions of special casting parts can be conducted on line.

Japanese Stress Detector

To inspect the residual stress of complex casting parts and provide reliable data to technologically control the deformation of casting parts.